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Gaby's Hair Studio   we are proud to provide
variety within luxury services to help keep your hair, skin and body looking great.

Combining a green approach  by utilizing plant based products and essential oils for services, there is zero guilt on looking great.

 Gaby's Hair Studio is truly your own space for the duration of your services. We encourage you to bring your children (both two and four legged), paperwork or workload or simply zen out as services are rendered.

Awarded Yelp's Everyone loves Gaby's Hair studio from 2016-2019
Best Facial Spa 2019
Voted Best in Burbank 2014

                    Thank You Burbank!


 Gaby's Hair Studio Phone  818-642-4345
A Serene Space  for men, women and children in the heart of Burbank

Hair Services- Precision Cuts- What are they? A precision cut is one where the fundamentals of form, functionality and facial Structure are meticulously analyzed to provide a superior haircut. The basis of these cuts is a thorough understanding and training through the Vidal Sassoon academy in NYC and California.
Sought after worldwide by both celebrities and individuals seeking a uniquely personalized haircut. Please note prices are subject to change.

I focus at finding the style that best suits you from edgy to classic based on facial features and functionality.

 Haircuts include a premium customized  shampoo, customized conditioner and  blowout service.
Bring in your at home products for a free review.

Precision Hair Cut and Style-  Men 45+  Women 75+ 
prices vary on length and texture of hair.

Men Hair Cuts Offered with a Free clean-up of side burns and neckline
                                                    within 2 Weeks of initial Haircut.

Women Haircuts Offered with a Free Fringe trim within 2 Weeks of initial haircut.

Fringe Luxe- Choose from an array of different looks for the bang area.
A quick pick me-up. 30

Specialized Hair Cocktails 60 With any haircut. 85 as as a stand alone service.

Scalp -Acial - Once you try it you'll be hooked! A unique treatment that sloughs off dry dead cells and product buildup to reveal a healthier stronger scalp.A through 4 part system that relaxes while Helping alleviate hair from falling out as it keeps the follicle fresh and clear.

Botox those Tresses- A unique professional conditioning "Strand Plumper" that coats strands to have a thicker appearance.

Tame the Mane- A cuticle smoother allowing hair to feel sleek and shiny.
                              Great for Frizzy hair.

Hydrate Deluxe- A must for moisture depleted hair, where breakage, unruliness and dullness prevail this intensive treatment gives much needed repair and hydration.

High Frequency Hair Treatment-  Hair falling out? thinning hair? High frequency wakes dormant hair root to stimulate growth. See hair grow stronger and faster with this treatment. 60+ with any haircut. 85 as a stand alone service includes blowdry.

Olaplex the breakthrough to banishing compromised hair has arrived, with world wide patents, this revolutionary product strengthens the bonds that have long suffered through coloring, bleaching and highlighting preventing damage and repairing previous aggression. -as an add on with any hair service 60 
as a stand alone treatment 85.

Color Services
Gaby's Hair Studio offers Goldwell, Matrix, Pravana & Redken Hair color we offer non-ammonia hair color if requested.

*In commitment with the environment  Gaby's Hair studio strives to keep in harmony with nature seeking to collaborate with companies that share the same vision.

Hair Color 95  Root Touch-up 85 Additional Hair Color 25

Balayage-  (French)A alternative to the harsh regrowth  lines created from foil highlights which make you cringe and  run to the salon to do it all over again!
Here is a better solution, Balayage a technique of customized, hand painted dimension throughout the hair. Results are natural and have longevity. Partial 175
Full 225

Flamboyage Italian method  
A delicate array of color placement that looks luminous. Color can be subtle to dramatic depending on your preference can be done on any tone from brunettes, blondes reds or copper. Partial 175 Full 225

Sombre - (Brazilian) A bold array of light throughout the hair giving the wearer a bold statement. This technique is revered by the world of editorial and fashion press. Partial 175 Full 225

 Sun-kissed  minimal commitment, an modest amount of highlights to add dimension to the hair

Highlights Partial 150     Highlights Full  225
Ombre - 110
                     Sombre 175
*In keeping your hair's Integrity and lasting color we incorporate customized cocktails that strengthen the hair & extend color longevity absolutely free of charge.

Hair length and texture will vary the price within any service

prices are subject to change.

** Cancellation Policy - 50% of service if 48 hour notice is given.
100% of service if cancellation is day of appointed service.**

Hair Smoothing Services
INCA GLOW SMOOTHING- A completely Vegan smoothing treatment that contains hyalouronic acid to deeply hydrate hair plus Omega 3,6and 9 enriched with vitamin A and E. Leverages violet pigment to neurtralize yellow tones with NO harsh chemicals, smell or scalp irritation.  

A breakthrough  Anti-aging Treatment  containing Bond t Peptide- A synthetic peptide with Botox-like activity nourishes and strengthens the hair from inside out by filling porosity, attaching tot the cuticle, sealing split ends and restructuring damaged hair. Specifically geared for dehydrated, brittle, hair that has undergone chemical (color, highlights, low-lights) and/or mechanical Flatiron 
blow drying, curling iron) damage. Restores life, health and bounce to hair by combining potent antioxidants, coconut oil Burti Oil, Acai Berry extracts Panthenol , B5 & A improving Hydration and coating the hair and sealing the cuticle, leaving hair more manageable smooth & strong with bounce. Full spectrum sunscreen blocking damaging UVA/UVB rays for healthy hair. No formaldehyde, cysteine, ammonia or lye. It builds strength with each subsequent application. Lasts 12 weeks when used in conjunction with shampoo, conditioner and leave-in. $300+

Waxing  Services
Our waxing will leave your whole body smooth and soft using cream wax. Especially formulated for sensitive skin. From Eyebrows to lips we keep you looking great.

Nose                           removes those unwanted hairs that spill out  25
Ear                               20
Sideburns                    20
Nape- A  popular service for men and women with short hair, for a cleaner looking nape 15

Eyebrow  Design         25

Lip and Chin                20

DMK Skin Revision Services 

 Gaby's Hair Studio is the only  longest serving DMK certified Clinic the Burbank Area and the only clinic in the United States utilizing  state of the art  lounger to create a full body detox through lymphatic drainage leaving you light, balanced and refreshed.

DMK Skin Treatments  
A unique concept to skin. We conduct Skin Revision Treatments that work! See for yourself and reveal your "True Age"


DMK Skin Revision Treatments- The main philosophy behind the concept is the remove, rebuild, protect and maintain. These strengthening and deep exfoliating therapies along with customized plant stem cell treatments are some of our skin care options that target age management, hyper-pigmentation,  acne or ingrown hair.
Let the unique Enzyme Therapy reveal your skins' true age.
We lift  congestion and remove accumulated buildup at the cellular level to reveal healthy, taunt skin. Its never too early to begin and never too late to rebuild. All Treatments includes a full body Lymphatic toxin removal which leaves you invigorated and light. Utilizing Japanese modalities that maps the  body targeting area of high tension and releasing harmful buildup of toxins. The only DMK clinic in the United States to provide this added feature to all treatments.

Alkaline Wash- $275   90 Minutes. Consists of bringing the skin PH to a high alkaline level to achieve disintegration of skin tags, soften scarring,  deep lines and wrinkles and systematic lifting of age spots. Success of the skin treatment varies by individual's own chemistry and years with affliction. *note: Alkaline wash can be done after strengthening the skin with  successive Enzyme treatments.

Dermafile A holistic approach to microdermabrasion and chemical peels
derma files are skin polishing and resurfacing tools made of stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds.
 derma files effectively treat aging and sun damaged skin,  enlarged pores, stretch marks, calloused and dry skin.  These effective tools  stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines & ingrown hairs hyperpigmentation and scarring. Treatments show best results when done in a series of at least 4-6 sessions depending on skin type and condition. 125 for a 45 mins session or 99 as an add-on to any DMK Skin Revision Treatment.

DMK MUSCLE BANDING 275  90 minutes -Advanced facial where combined layers tighten underlying muscle tissue, resulting in a smoother , firmer appearance. Can only be performed after a at least two sessions of the Enzyme Therapy.

DMK  Fibroblast C infusion Skin Revision-  195 90 minutes-A great brightening treatment that incorporates vitamin C in its most bioactive form for accelerated regenerative results.

DMK BODY ENZYME 375  90 Mins. Removes toxins and promotes firmness due to loss of elasticity. Skin is left with a noticable radiance.

Hydro Radiance Treatment-  250  90 Mins. A must for dry skin. A deeply hydrating treatment to subdue scaliness.

We offer DMK Full Line Of Limited Products and Cosmetics.

Transgenesis  Cream- 250 A complete array of amino acids and pure Norwegian Caviar  provides a filler -like action to plump the skin while elevating and retaining the moisture levels. Moisture is  frequently lost from external and environmental aggressors. Creates a botox/ filler effect on the skin without the side effects or toxins.

Gaby's Hair Studio offers the DMK products as well as the highly acclaimed Limited line in both full size and travel. 

EFA's- Supplements that benefit the skin. $60

The A Lift- Aesthetic Lift (a 12 week program) Price start at $2700

The Dmk A-Lift treatment works by stimulating the underlying structures of the skin. This is achieved by giving the face it’s own little workout, similar to how you would tone and tighten the body with exercise.

The Dmk muscle banding technique is used in the A -lift to tighten and tone the skin, restoring a healthy youthful appearance.

The A-Lift treatment assists in :

  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • Exercising the facial muscles
  • Tightens, tones and firms the skin
  • Opens the vascular network bringing essential oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells
  • Encourages the formation of new collagen and elastin

The A-Lift can also assist with :

  • Reducing redness and unsightly capillaries in the skin
  • Providing a vibrant appearance
  • Reducing unwanted dilated pores

The A-Lift is a 12 week program (approx) with treatments performed once per week. The A-lift uses transdermally  delivered formulations that work with the skin’s functions to remind them to perform as they did when youthful
 works with the skin as a system, looking at the physiology of the aging process. This is what led to the development of the ‘A Lift’ or Aesthetic lift. The ultimate non-invasive treatment program which aims to restore a youthful appearance, and a healthy skin that functions optimally, as well as providing long lasting results 

Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel: Face $1275+Neck $1500+Decollete $1750
Specific Area- POA

This is a fast effective resurfacing procedure for those wanting dramatic results. Includes six layer peel, two lift off treatments, two nutrition infusions, DMK trans dermal sunblock, Retrosin and EFA’s. *note: skin must be strengthened through at least 4 successive Enzyme treatments.

Pro Peel 1300

Liquid Laser 2200 (a 6-8 week program including some products)

An effective resurfacing and rebuilding procedure, effective on thickened, uneven, sun-damaged, sluggish or congested skins. Includes revise A.

RP (revision Procedure) 1250

A light non-invasive treatment that focuses on strengthening, firming and rebuilding the skin. Great for fine lines, superficial wrinkles, fragile, weak or dehydrated skin. Includes Lift off mask, transdermal infusion and Home Prescriptive, retrosin and EFA’s . includes one Muscle Banding Treatment

The Dmk Muscle Banding treatments tighten, tones and firm the face and neck with visible results with just one treatment.

Pre and Post Operative Procedures -POA

 DMK specialises in customized paramedical pre & post operative skin revision systems to dramatically enhance your results and ensure longevity

DMK Bihaku 60 minutes 375  contains pigment inhibitors to prevent furthur hyperpigmentation.  Treatment brings pigmentation to the epidermis where it can be broken down and flushed. This treatment should be done in a series as pigmentation is deeply embedded. 

LED Light Therapy 55. 25 mins - Direct light Treatment to address a multitude of culprits of aging skin works with the underlying dermis to accelerate healing, stimulate collagen  and treat wrinkles and dryness.

High Frequency Treatment Got Blemishes? Don't Squeeze! Clear & Dry out bacteria from congested blemishes with this 20 Minute Service - 45

  Eye/Lip Treatments 40

  Extractions 45

OR TRY OUR "PREMIUM SOPHISTICATED  PACKAGE"- Hair Design, lifestyle Color,  Balayage,  Skin Revision Treatment, eyebrow design , nose wax, - 599 (Reg. 645). A great way to pamper yourself and try all the services at a reduced rate. Please Note: with holiday upon us -currently there is a  wait time.

Gaby's Hair Studio  Offers Gift Packages and Gift Certificates- Call for More Information. 818-642-4345

A Great Gift For Birthdays, Anniversary or for Any Reason at all.

 As a private studio we can offer a complete  boutique experience, arrange the studio in a customized manner unique to you, making your gift a truly memorable experience.

a green approach to beauty without guilt or compromise at Gabys Hair Studio

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